Founding Father, man on the ten dollar bill, and now singing, dancing, and rapping Broadway Superstar!

Inspired by Alexander Hamilton’s life and legacy, “Hamilton” has mesmerized both Broadway and global culture. It began its journey, selling out its 2015 runs at the Public Theater in NYC and continued its streak at the Richard Rogers Theater on Broadway. The accolades didn’t stop there; it bagged 8 Drama Desk Awards and 11 Tony Awards.

Fast forward nearly nine years, and “Hamilton” remains a sensation wherever it graces the stage. Even now, snagging a seat might come at a premium. I’ve been fortunate to experience the magic with the original cast at the Rogers’ Theater, revisit it on Broadway with a different ensemble, and catch it in my hometown with a traveling company. Each time, the play’s endurance shone through.

Its charm is magnetic, converting viewers into instant aficionados. Given its trajectory, I wouldn’t be surprised if “Hamilton” smashes any remaining box office records.

Why All the Hype? Delve in Below:

  • The Story: “Hamilton” offers a refreshing departure from the usual Broadway narratives. It chronicles the life of the “founding father without a father”, spotlighting his interactions with luminaries such as George Washington and detailing his significant contribution to America’s inception. The foundation of this tale is the comprehensive biography by Ron Chernow.
  • Intellectual Depth: Comprising more than 20,000 words, the musical masterfully intertwines historical events with contemporary references. From Shakespearean allusions to nods to Harry Potter and Notorious B.I.G., each line in “Hamilton” is meticulously crafted, presenting a rich medley of erudition and entertainment.
  • Innovative Presentation:
    • Hip Hop: Building on the foundation set by Miranda’s earlier work, “In the Heights”, hip hop in “Hamilton” revitalizes a historical account, making it resonate with contemporary audiences.
    • Diverse Casting: The bold move of casting a racially diverse troupe for iconic roles disrupts conventional norms, breathing new life into the play.
  • Broadway Homage: At its core, “Hamilton” remains true to Broadway. It pays homage to iconic plays like “Sweeney Todd” and “Les Misérables”, with memorable performances and choreographies amplifying the theatrical experience.
  • Cultural Phenomenon: With its premiere performance hosted at the White House, “Hamilton” transcends the boundaries of a traditional play. It mirrors America’s soul, marking a pivotal moment in both theatrical and national history.

A Word of Advice

While “Hamilton” is undeniably a masterpiece, its intense lyrical depth and eclectic mix of musical genres might not cater to everyone. To truly savor the experience, immerse yourself in the Grammy-winning soundtrack, produced by Questlove, before diving into the live performance.

In Closing

“Hamilton” is a beacon of artistic excellence. Numerous talents have poured their heart into it, but Lin-Manuel Miranda undeniably shines the brightest. His achievements, including the prestigious MacArthur “genius” award, underscore the genius behind this musical.

For those yearning to experience this magnum opus, it’s accessible on Broadway, Disney+, local theaters, and yes, soon enough, even high schools across the globe!

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